Professionals, producers and prototypes

Now it was down to business. With a lot of research, presentations and questions, professional manufacturers were found in Portugal in order to avoid long transport routes. The professionals love their craft and were convinced of the idea.
After many emails, zoom meetings and adjustments, the right prototypes will soon be ready and a crowdfunding campaign will start on Kickstarter shortly to finance our heart project.

As soon as the necessary funds have been raised via the crowfunding campaign, we will start production and our high-quality vegan fashion accessories will be available via the online shop.

Buy good and do good

A portion of every product sold goes to animal welfare organizations, because that's what it's about for us that no animal has to suffer for a nice handbag or shoes.

Love, love and more love 

So one thing is clear: there is so much love in Anne Schollenberger that fashion lovers just have to love back!
Our label is so worth supporting. And by the way, you also give yourself presents 😊

Anyone who would like to support Anne Schollenberger is very welcome to do so via the crowdfunding campaign:

October 10, 2022