Handbags, shoes and hats have always been Anne-Kristin Schollenberger's passion. In 2022, she fulfilled a long-cherished wish.
The dream of working as a designer. Ideally with a fashion show in New York. She has combined her enthusiasm for high-quality handbags, shoes and hats with her love of vegan accessories.
The result: Luxury Vegan Fashion Accessories that can be perfectly combined because they are already matched in the design process.


The vegan label Anne Schollenberger combines design and luxury with animal welfare, sustainability and environmental awareness.

High quality, stylish and vegan. So that we can all live out our passion for high-quality fashion accessories with a clear conscience. Anne Schollenberger stands for style, high quality and attention to detail. The exclusive collection is made in small manufactories in Portugal.

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Buy well and do good

With every accessory you buy from Anne Schollenberger, you support the animals of this world, because 4% of the profits from our bags, shoes and hats go to the organization „Promis für Tiere“.

"The fact that I love animals is one of the reasons why I decided to found a vegan label. But I don't just want to protect animals with our vegan leather, I also want to help animals who experience cruelty due to other circumstances," says designer Anne-Kristin Schollenberger.

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Sustainable and vegan - This is close to our hearts - for love
to people, animals and our environment

Comments on Anne Schollenberger
We are committed not only to beauty in styling, but also to the preservation of our beautiful nature and wildlife.
— Anne-Kristin Schollenberger - Designer
We have been with the Anne Schollenberger brand since the beginning and love the idea of luxurious and vegan shoes!
— Jorge Pinto - shoe producer
I'm excited about working with Kaktusleder, continuing to collaborate and create new original product designs.
— Ekaterina - bag producer

Beautiful inner lining

Our beautiful inner lining
was presented with a text by the writer Hans Kruppa
designed by the artist Jeannine Platz.

The text stands for the realization of dreams and is our
absolute motto:

"Really rich is,
who has more dreams in his soul,
than reality can destroy."

PETA approved

We believe in our concept and therefore we are committed to really follow our own rules. We don't use animal products, we don't use materials for which animal testing is done and no chemicals are used in the production. Therefore, we have been audited and certified by PETA.


Take a simple monochrome outfit and combine it with a combination ofAnne SchollenbergerTake a simple monochrome outfit and combine it with a combination of


We ship your orders free of charge within Germany. And all our packaging is made from sustainable materials.


Our vegan accessories are all sustainably handmade in Portugal.


4% of every order goes to organizations for animals that need our help because they cannot help themselves.