The designer

It has long been Anne-Kristin Schollenberger's dream to be a designer and to organize a show at New York Fashion Week. Bags and shoes have always been her passion. Later came her love of hats and the combination of these three items. And then there was a long-cherished dream of finally founding her own label, but without sacrificing animals.
For a long time, this dream only lived inside her. When the idea of turning it into a vegan label and doing something for this world came about in 2021, this vision simply had to be brought to life.
And so the label was born Anne Schollenberger.


Animal leather is not only problematic for ethical reasons, but also has an immense negative impact on our environment. Enormous amounts of water are consumed during production and harmful waste materials are produced. The complicated tanning process in particular generates chemically contaminated waste.

We value partners whom we trust and who share our philosophy. Our fashion accessories are produced sustainably and by fairly paid employees in Portugal.

A portion of every product sold goes to the animal and species protection organization "Promis für Tiere".

The material

We use vegan materials made from renewable resources, which protects our environment and prevents animal suffering.

Our handbags, shoes and hats are
made from vegan cactus leather - one of the most sustainable alternatives to animal leather.
It is a soft, adaptable and breathable material.
The production of cactus leather saves 164,650% water and 1,864.02% greenhouse gas emissions
compared to animal leather