With every accessory you buy from Anne Schollenberger you support animals of this world, because 4% of the profit of our bags, shoes and hats go to the organization "Promis für Tiere".

Orang-utan puppy fox


"The fact that I love animals is one of the reasons why I decided to found a vegan label. But I don't just want to protect animals through our vegan leather, I also want to help animals who experience cruelty due to other circumstances."


In "Promis für Tiere", celebrities get involved in animal and species protection projects in Germany and around the world - from orphanages for orangutans or baby rhinos to projects for street dogs in Eastern Europe or animal victims of war in Ukraine. In the nine projects, the project supports everyday heroes who fight for the lives of animals every day with heart and mind.


"The most important thing is that we check exactly where the donations go," explains Christian Ehrlich. He has been producing the VOX format "hundkatzemaus" for 20 years and "Elstners Reisen" for ten years, so he knows his way around the "animal and species protection scene".
"At "Promis für Tiere", we attach great importance to ensuring that the money goes where it is really needed. That's why the "big check" comes before the "big cheque". This involves experienced specialist journalists carrying out extensive research into the projects and checking what is being done with the money."

Dog on garbage heap, Christian Ehrlich, animal rescue


This provides the greatest possible certainty that funds will not end up in the wrong channels or be spent inappropriately. Regular reports in the media also make the work of the projects transparent.


The ambassadors of "Promis für Tiere" are in Germany Frank Elstner, Prof. Matthias Reinschmidt und Marie Wegener.


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